Best Antivirus for Windows 10 Computers – Picked by Security Experts

As time goes by, so makes the threat of malware increase. This leaves you like the  Windows 10 user with no option other than to scale up the protection of your computer. The emerging ransomware is capable of causing severe harm to your PC leading to your confidential details ending in the wrong hands.

An attack emanating from a computer virus can jeopardize the efficiency of your PC. While Windows 10 comes loaded with Microsoft defender, that is helpful. It turns out that, occasionally, it’s not sufficient because it provides entry-level protection besides it has few attributes.

Credits: All of the reviews provided in this article are originally researched by the Win98Central website. You can find the original blog post about the Windows 10 Antivirus here.

Besides, eliminating viruses from your PC, a good anti-virus should also cushion it from any incoming threat. Nevertheless, knowing how to select the best anti-virus is not a walk in the park. Consequently, I’ve reviewed several of them that you will find helpful.

1 Bitdefender Antivirus Plus – Recommended for Ransomware security

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus continually tops in terms of score, has a good collection of attributes and its low-level license covers three devices.

It fuses its good key antivirus engine with some functional automation. The price is also very pocket-friendly, going for about $ 25.

It provides some free version features like Phishing protection and Anti-ransomware tool.


  • It works with Windows 7/8/8.1 and 10
  • Very good in detecting viruses
  • It’s light and therefore, does not hinder the speed of the PC.
  • It comes with free ransomware.


  • Susceptibility scan not available.
  • The scans cannot be tailor-made
  • It does not have child protection

2.TotalAV Free Antivirus-Best for Cushioning against Phishing.

It gets rid of malware without affecting the speed of the PC. The features of the free model are restricted, but it scans.


  • Works with Windows, Android and Mac devices
  • Searches and removes replicated files
  • Found  90% confirmed hacking cases


  • No real-time anti-virus defense
  • Some false results noticed
  • No access to weekly and daily scan option

 3.Norton Security Anti-virus

Norton Antivirus offers a free version for 30 days with all features available. Also, Norton Antivirus operates at an average speed. Customer service is available for 24 hours. Norton Antivirus does automatic scanning and has a secure child control configuration.

Download Norton for Windows 10 PC.

Advantages of Norton Antivirus on PC

  1. Available for free during the first 30 days.
  2. Susceptibility     notifications provided to the customer

4.Kaspersky Free Anti-virus

It comes with a free  30 days trial version which needs subscription upon expiry and is among the top anti-virus software package. Kaspersky’s product has a financial defense, child control, and credentials organizer. Its price goes for $ 30 online for one PC per year.

5.McAfee  Free  Anti-virus-Best for Internet Banking security

McAfee is user-friendly and very efficient in blocking anti-virus. In the last recent lab test, McAfee scored a 100% success rate against anti-virus. Mcafee Windows 10 PC version software provides on request and instant scans. Also, it gives 30 free days of the trial version.

Gamers like McAfee because it has free a Trojan eliminator, which is essential if you download folders.

6.Avira Free Antivirus-Recommended for Internet Shopping

Currently, It does not exert a lot of pressure on PC performance while running and has a better user experience. It allows for the downloading of the VPN credentials organizer, which enhances security on the PC. On the other hand, it doesn’t have XP or Vista assistance.

7.Panda Free Anti-virus

Panda comes across as a  rapid, precise, dependable, and has done away with non-essential attributes. However, if you need more robust anti-virus protection, it may be necessary for you to settle on another anti-virus.


If you are searching for an ideal anti-virus to install on your company ’s network, Then McAfee is the right one for you. This is because, besides being compatible with most operating systems,  it scored a 100% protection rate against virus attacks.