Make NJ traffic ticket payment online at

In this article, I will show you how to make a New Jersey Traffic ticket payment online. Before that, let’s talk about the website behind this system. The website that allows us to pay for NJ traffic tickets is

What does NJMCDirect mean?

NJMCDirect can be explained as an online site that helps with ticketing procedures in New Jersey State. The payments made are directly uploaded to the database of the municipal court. The site is run by the Municipal Court of the New Jersey State. Through the site, the following can be done with ease:

  • Payments in the municipal court of the New Jersey State are made promptly.
  • Online payment for fines coming from traffic crimes
  • Through the site, you can access the complaint detail.
  • You can also access traffic news through the site.
ticket payment online at www-njmcdirect-com

One main advantage of NJMCDirect is the fact it saves time and money because everything is done online. There is no need to going to pay fines for traffic crimes. As a result, you save more time and money you could have spent on food or other minor expenses. You can reach the Municipal court ticket through the phone number 609-815-2900, Box 037, Trenton, NJ 08625-0037. The official email is To visit their website, click on

Note: It is better to personally visit the New Jersey Municipal Court when you are not able to resolve some pressing issues. However, this is only applicable to those staying in New Jersey State.

Benefits of Using NJMCDirect

Using NJMCDirect has a number of advantages. They include:

  1. Saving time
  2. Easy and simple to use
  3. No long queues when you want to pay for a traffic offense
  4. You only pay online, no need to go to the municipal court physically
  5. You can pay at any time, hence convenient
  6. The payment system is secured
  7. Improved payment terms

There are significant requirements a person must have when paying traffic offense fees online using NJMCDirect. They include the Traffic ticket number, also known as the parking ticket number, and the registration number of the car.

When you have the two documents, you simply log in to the NJMCDirect portal and key in the details and make the payments.

How to make traffic ticket Payments at

Payments can be made efficiently through credit and debit cards like Discover, MasterCard, and Visa though you should be ready to incur a 3% fee when you use these cards.

Note: you should be time-conscious when making payments. Late payments will attract a fine.

It is important to note that the online portal does not operate for 24 hours. It operates within the schedules outlined below:

  • Mondays to Thursdays: 0430 hrs.-2315 hours (EST)
  • Fridays: 0430 hours-2215 hours (EST)
  • Saturdays: 0430 hours-1515 hours (EST)
  • Sundays: 1300 hours-2315 hours (EST)

You can always retrieve your traffic ticket number in case you forget. You only log into and enter your query. However, you must provide both your driving license and your name or slip number.

After entering the details, you will be directed to the Captcha section, then click on the search key. If you do not find a solution, the other option would be to go to the municipal court.

Find the NJ Traffic Ticket number

In case you search with the ticket number, the details displayed will show the name of the municipal court, the court ID, and the prefix. If you search using the complaint number, the name of the state, the respondent’s name, code of the court, complainant number, and the prefix will be displayed.

But if you search by the license number, the license ID, state’s name, and class details will be displayed.

Note: In the case that you search by the name, ensure you key in your first name, the middle name should be initials and the last name should be in full.

Surcharge on a ticket in NJ

A surcharge can be explained as a fine in which the drivers are fined after violating traffic offenses more often on a yearly basis. It is the New Jersey Surcharge Violation System, which decides in the fines to be paid.

If you want to pay for surcharge fines or you simply want to see the details, you must have the judgment digit, the driver’s license, notice digit, and surcharge digit then you click on

Note: if you fail to pay the surcharge fines on time, you will face some problems because your license will be banned though temporarily until when you fulfill the payments.

Not all browsers work on NJMCDirect. Consider using Chrome, Safari, and Windows Explorer versions 9.0, 10.0, and 11.0


As much as we tend to be extra careful and avoid breaking traffic rules, there are moments you just can’t avoid. As a result, you find yourself on the wrong side of the traffic laws. Traffic violations have consequences. You will have to face the court and pay whatever fines the court will decide.

NJMCDirect is a site to settle most of your fines and penalties. At least you will relieve the hustle of going to the court every now and then. You simply settle everything on an NJMCDirect online portal. Though as much as NJMCDirect helps a lot, it is better if we take precautions and stay on the right side of the traffic rules.