Support Chatroom

Come and join us DAILY!

   Methadone Anonymous & Support Meetings in our chatroom!!

Mon thru Fri...8:00pm to 9:00pm EST

(Central Time: 7-8pm, Mountain Time: 6-7pm, and Pacific Time: 5-6pm)

Help yourself to a poster/flyer for ONLINE MA meetings!!

My friends - we rrrrrreally need your help keeping an eye on the chatroom.    We have found that people are stopping in around the clock looking for a little support....sometimes just another human being to connect with.    What we've been trying to do is...if you are already doing whatever you enjoy on the internet, if you could just open up the chatroom in one of your windows and go on with your business, checking back to see if perhaps someone has entered and might need someone to chat with.

PLEASE, folks...don't make me beg,'s not a pretty sight!    Thanks so much!


The Methadone/MA chatroom is open for business!

Enter whatever nickname you would like to use to become a MEMBER...

** NOT sign in as "Guest"!!**

Simply click on the chatting head below to go straight to the chatroom!

**Members can also access the chat room with any IRC client, mIRC, X-Chat, ircZ, Ircle, Conversation, Colloquy, and more. The server address is port 7000 or 6667.

We will DEFINITELY need volunteers to be moderators in the chatroom as people are walking in 24/7 looking for some help/support.

*NOTE* - IF you get a message that asks if you want to download "Everywhere Chat"..say YES!


Enter the chatroom using whatever you'd like your "username" to be...leave the password BLANK.

Once in the'll see your name listed on the right. At the bottom, click on "options"...and then click on "register nickname". You'll be prompted for your email address and a password....and that's it!

When the chatroom is not in use for a meeting...PLEASE feel free to use it to chat in whenever you'd like!

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