GeForce GTX 1080: Everything You Must Know About It

The topic today I’m going to discuss on this blog needs no introduction. Nvidia has come up with another great graphics card; that is GeForce GTX 1080. Please read the below post for all the details.


With CPUs and GPUs and graphics cards being constantly remodeled and restructure for better overall performance only a few of them are truly worth the hype created in their wake. The Geforce GTX 080 Pascal is one such graphics card that redefines the whole gaming experience.

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Built on the new Pascal architecture which is a flagship killer by itself as it is the world’s largest Finfet chip (just 16 nanometers in thickness) housing well over a billion transistors providing extreme efficiency.

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The chip also has AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms along with high-speed bidirectional interlinking across GPU core to provide the best gaming performance ever.

The card is built on 2560 cores and facilitates about 2 GHz over locking which states that it is capable of throttling through a very darn game you run on it with unprecedented performance. It also supports 4K HDMI (2) making 4K gaming possible. The card delivers a reading speed of 10gbps which means that the user shall experience no lags whatsoever. Along with vapour cooling which deals with the naturally expected overheating to keep the card as cool as it looks.

VR support for certain games is also a commendable feature, but as VR gaming is still not very popular, many games are designed that way. Nevertheless, it’s still a big thing.

As compared to the GTX980 (the previous flagship) the GTX1080 offers 1. 7 times better performance on 4K and up to 3 times better performance in VR.

Being the flagship killer, this graphics card seems to be appropriately priced at 599$(Rs 40000) however; there are a few prerequisites for this card to be running at its full potential.

These includes:-

  • Intel i7 core (5th generation)
  • 16 GB DDR5 RAM
  • Asus X99 motherboard.